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Empresas que prestan servicio de transporte de carga y especializado de líquidos o productos químicos con sede en Barranquilla.

OPL CARGA: Logística satelital refiere 30 puestos de control en todo el territorio. Tiempos estimados para la entrega de su mercancía, póliza de transporte. Dirección: Sede Comercial/ Calle 77B No. 57-144 Oficina 503. PBX: (57) (5) 368-9545/57/91. Celulares: 3124579407-3134338686.

LOGISTICA INTEGRAL SINERGICA S.A.S.: Servicios logísticos en zonas portuarias y francas de Colombia. Mas información

CHEMICAL TRANSPORTES S.A.: Compañía de carga masiva servicios de logística con énfasis en administración de proyectos para grandes y medianas empresas. Normas de seguridad ambientales. Calle 3 Nº 60-177 Vía 40 Eternit. Teléfono: (57) (5) 3441535 Fax: (57) (5) 3441758.

TLEFICAZ. Transportes y Logística. Objetivos: * Cobertura y calidad de servicio Logístico. Empresa de servicios logísticos de mayor calidad. Operación nacional. Barranquilla: Carrera 38 Nº 116-43 La Pradera. Teléfonos: 369 3119- 3692736 Fax: 3692736. Calle 77B 57-59 Piso 1


Spanish immersion schools...

2005-09-11 09:52:39 by kristinuhh

Hello! I know there have been threads on this before, but I'm hoping to get more replies. A friend and I want to go to either Central America or South America to learn Spanish and volunteer. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has done this. There are SO many language schools out there, so...e cost.
We don't really want to go to Costa Rica...we've been looking at some in Guatemala and programs in Ecuador.
Are the schools that offer room and board a rip off? Is it possible to just rent a place in one of these countries for cheaper?
We really just want to learn the language and help out where we can. We're looking to stay over a month. Thanks so much for any help.

Avoid other english speakers

2008-01-14 23:06:01 by languagewhore

The problem with many popular language school destinations is that you will have ready access to scores of your own compatriots and its easy to spendyour non-class hours speaking english or, at best, speaking spanish with other non-native speakers.
I strongly recommend finding country that is not a popular destination with americans and where locals are less likely to speak english if you really want the total immersion/sink or swim experience. for this reason, think twice about going to costa rica or antigua. consider instead smaller cities without a tourist draw. I did a stint in guayaquil ecuador and spent weeks without even seeing another gringo (once I stopped going to the language school there). it was the best thing I ever did...

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  • Avatar Dominican Republic Trip Advisor How to elope in Quito? Steps?
    Jun 22, 2007 by Dominican Republic Trip Advisor | Posted in Ecuador

    We are planning to take a vacation in Quito, Ecuador and just wonder about the possibility of Elope there.
    Only needed the services of a good photographer, a bouquet, the person who would marry us, the witnesses and …agne. Am very interested to know how much time in advance we have to make the appointment to marry? How much time would it take the marriage certificate to be processed? How much money is needed?
    Thanks in advance!!

    • This is a hard one. Ecuador has a lot of red tape for their things. As to an apt to marry, you probably could but I got married just one day we went to the Registro Civil in the Center of Quito. It is not that expensive, …ut if you want elaborate things.. a mall would do you good, like Quicentro that is not that far from there.
      What I can say, is be prepared for delays and last minute surprises. Really! Good luck and happy eloping.